Get Ready for Some Serious Gobbling!

Have you ever wanted a horn that will make you car ,
truck or golf cart sound like a wild turkey gobbling to get people's attention?

Well, we have just what you are looking for :)

Our Turkey Call Musical Car Horn is an original, one-of-a-kind horn
that will make your car, truck, or automobile gobble gobble like a wild turkey!

Perfect for your car, truck, van, boat, RV, motorcycle, ATV, golf cart
or any 12 volt supplied power source!

This horn is controlled by using a momentary horn button
or with a toggle switch...(not included)

Horn can also be hooked up to a 12 volt lantern battery for portability.

Quick and easy installation...instructions are included.

Louder than you can believe...It really blasts!

Plays: Gobble Yelp

Click the speaker below to listen to a sample sound!


Grab Your Turkey Call Car Horn Today...
For ONLY $89.99